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    Registration & enrollment information for the 22-23

    Please click  here for the updated information about our online registration process.


    Tuition Based Early Learning Programs

    We offer tuition based Early Learning Programs at these schools:

    Anasazi (Pre-K)

    Cherokee (Pre-School & Pre-K)

    Cheyenne Traditional School (Pre-K)

    Cochise (Pre-K)

    Copper Ridge K-8 (Pre-K)

    Desert Canyon (Pre-School & Pre-K)

    Echo Canyon K-8 (Pre-School & Pre-K)

    Kiva (Pre-K)*

    Laguna (Pre-School and Pre-K)

    Pueblo (Pre-School and Pre-K)

    Redfield (Pre-K)*

    To inquire about the tuition based early learning programs, please complete this Google Form and one of our team members will follow up with additional information.


    Title-1 Early Learning Programs

    For our families who live within the boundary of one of our Title-1 Schools listed below, we offer tuition free early learning programs. Families who live within the boundary of any of these schools, may attend an Early Learning Program at any of these schools: 

    Hohokam (Pre-K)

    Navajo (Pre-School & Pre-K)

    Pima (Pre-K)

    Tavan (Pre-K)*

    Tonalea K-8 (Pre-K)

    Yavapai (Pre-K)

    To identify your school boundary, please click here

    To inquire about the Title -1 early learning programs, please complete this google form and one of our team members will follow up with additional information.


    For more information on our Early Learning Programs, please call us 480-484-7900 or email earlylearning@susd.org


    *Kiva, Redfield and Tavan offer gifted cluster Pre-K classes. The program offers the best of both worlds- a developmental learning environment with typical peers and small group interactions with like-minded peers.

    For additional information on our Pre-K cluster gifted programs, please click here 




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