Our Approach to Managing Emergencies: Incident Command Team

  • Updated October 22, 2020

    No matter what the hazard might be, from fires, floods, threats of violence to public health emergencies- we take a comprehensive approach to student safety that we’d like to walk you through to give you some reassurance that we are continuously keeping student and staff safety at the top of our minds as we move through each day. We follow the National Incident Management System (NIMS) structure and approach to emergency management and hazard mitigation as we continuously work together to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to and recover from incidents. See page 8 of the District’s Spring 2019 edition of Showcase Magazine for a feature article to learn more about these roles and the dedicated people performing these duties in additional to their regular positions.

  • Safety-Related Leadership Team


    Primary: Dr. Milissa Sackos

    Alternate: Michelle Marshall


    Primary: Shannon Crosier

    Alternate: Dennis Roehler

    Public Information & Media Relations

    Primary: Amy Bolton

    Alternate: Nancy Norman


    Primary: Shannon Crosier

    Alternate: Tyler Moore


    Primary: Dr. Kim Guerin

    Alternate: Dr. Jed Bowman


    Primary: James Dorer

    Alternate: Chuck Cochran

    Legal Counsel

    Primary: Michelle Marshall

    Alternate: Contracted Legal Services


    Primary: Dr. Ibi Haghighat

    Alternate: Dr. Kim Guerin


  • COVID-19 Response Planning Subcommittees

    To manage the long-term and unique aspects presented by the COVID-19 public health emergency, three sub-committees of the Incident Command Team were formed. Each of these three subcommittees has played an important an ongoing role in researching possible strategies, surveying stakeholders and developing the details of the District’s response within their specified scope. Their work is represented in the District’s Return to Learn Plan.


    Operations & Logistics
    Chair: Dennis Roehler

    Social & Emotional Well-Being

    Chair: Shannon Cronn

    Teaching and Learning

    Chair: Dr. Kim Guerin

    Purpose: To develop a plan for the safe and effective return of students and staff to District sites

    Purpose: To develop social emotional support opportunities based on our current reality in order to meet the needs of the SUSD community.

    Purpose: To develop viable options for instruction based on our current reality in order to optimize teaching and learning.

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