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  • Get the latest district and school news by following us on social media and bookmarking our websites! Each one of our 29 campuses and the District has a dedicated website, Facebook and Twitter account. The District also shares important District-wide news, events, milestones and achievements through news releases, and shares special announcements on Nextdoor as well as job postings, alumni updates and employee profiles and achievements on LinkedIn.

    Our Governing Board meetings are also broadcast live and archived on the official Scottsdale Unified School District YouTube account. The District also sends out a monthly e-newsletter called “Community Connection” and a bi-annual magazine called “SUSD Showcase.” These are free, but you have to subscribe to be included in the distribution list. Signing up is easy and we also offer sponsorships of these publications if you have a business and would like to partner with the District. 

    Social media across the District is managed by the Office of Communication and Marketing, which also produces the SUSD Showcase magazine and the Community Connection e-newsletter. For more information, and to advertise with SUSD, contact the District Office at (480) 484-6100 or email:

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