Web Guidelines

  • The Scottsdale Unified School District supports the use of the District’s web pages by faculty and staff to publish information concerning school or District operations that may be of interest to students, parents, and/or the general public.

    Such use shall comply with the laws of the United States, the State of Arizona, and the District’s Technology Use and Privacy Guidelines. This requirement also applies to all direct links to other pages (regardless of whether they are sponsored by the District). See Acceptable Use Policy


    • District sponsored web pages (including all school pages) are the property of the District.
    • Accordingly, all content must be consistent with the District’s mission, and must adhere to high moral, ethical, and professional standards. 
    • Under no circumstances may District sponsored web pages be used to transmit, receive, or store any information that is discriminatory, harassing, defamatory, or verbally abusive. 
    • District sponsored web pages may not be used to engage in any activity constituting or promoting a criminal offense, or potentially giving rise to civil liability, or otherwise violating any law, regulation, or District policy. 
    • District sponsored web pages may not be used for the purpose of influencing the outcome of any election. 
    • No individual shall post any copyrighted material on any District-sponsored web page unless the individual owns the intellectual property rights to that material, or secures from the copyright holder, in advance of publication, specific written permission for such distribution. 
    • Text, photographs and graphics appearing on the pages of the District’s website are copyrighted by the District and should not be altered or reproduced without written permission.


    The Webmaster is responsible for the overall management of the District’s web pages and for the presentation of a consistent top layer design.

    Each school, department, or teacher posting a District sponsored web page is responsible for the content of the page and must ensure that all information is current, accurate, and presented in a professional manner that reflects positively on the District. As such, there should be no spelling or grammatical errors. To ensure compliance with these standards, each school or department must appoint a Web Author to conduct a review of its web page(s) and all teacher web pages at least once a semester. In addition, no content may be posted to any school, department, or teacher web page without the approval of the Web Author.

    Additionally, each school or department shall identify a person who will be responsible for maintaining the school’s or department’s web page(s), and each District web page must contain contact information for that person. This may or may not be the Web Author.

    PTO websites must be hosted independently.


    Teacher pages should relate to job description and responsibilities and should be supportive of the mission and goals of the District. All teacher pages are subject to review and revision by school Principals and/or the District Administration.

    The views and opinions expressed by teachers on web pages not sponsored by the District are strictly those of the page authors, and comments on the contents of those pages should be directed to the page author. Notwithstanding this disclaimer, any web page used to conduct SUSD business must conform to the standards set forth in these Guidelines.


    Any Web page that violates any of these guidelines will be removed. The violator shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination (or in the case of a student, expulsion).

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