• Math & Science Academy Levels of Recognition

Academy Member

  • Students have completed an SMSA application. They have either participated in the cohort classes and/or STEM-related clubs, teams, or events.

Academy Scholar

  • Students completed an SMSA application.  They completed the cohort classes or approved alternates. They completed at least three additional approved STEM courses.  They have participated in an extended study STEM-related competition or STEM-related field experience.

Commended Scholar

  • Students completed the SMSA upperclassman application process and have established a Program of Study. They completed nine units of required honors and/or advanced STEM approved courses. They participated in at least two extended study STEM-related competitions or a STEM-related field experience.

Distinguished Graduate

  • Students have completed the SMSA upperclassman application process. The student has completed all components of their Program of Study and it has been signed and reviewed by the distinction coordinator. The students have met all requirements for academy graduation to include the following:

    • Complete a minimum of four units of high school math beginning with Geometry Trigonometry Honors followed by Algebra II honors, Trigonometry pre-calculus honors, and AP Calculus.
    • Complete a minimum of three high school science courses, including honors chemistry, honors biology, honors physics.
    • Complete a total of nine units of advanced STEM courses receiving an unweighted grade point average of no less than 3.0 in those courses.
    • Complete two Honors English courses or an advanced college-level English course.
    • Complete at least two years of one foreign language. Students are encouraged to complete three years to be competitive applicants to selective colleges and universities. 
    • Participate in several STEM-related extended preparation state or national level STEM-related competitions.
    • Complete 20 hours of community service.    
    • Complete an approved STEM-related field experience or senior research project to include written support and presentation.