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  • STEM CertificationThe Scottsdale Unified School District Math & Science Academy focuses on the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics—often referred to as STEM. Academy students graduate motivated and fully qualified to pursue degrees in the STEM field at the post-secondary level.

    The Scottsdale Math and Science Academy (SMSA) is a specialized program offering students who have an aptitude for math and science the opportunity to excel in a unique learning environment suited to the STEM track. The current program started at Saguaro High School in May 2008.  The program designers reached out to outstanding STEM colleges and universities to determine the academic requirements, activities, and skills necessary for students to compete in top college STEM programs nationally.   Using the entrance requirement and selection rubric information provided by several outstanding STEM universities, a robust program of study was developed to maximize students' high school academic coursework and provide them with superlative educational experience in the STEM fields. The concepts of Cohort Classes for freshman and sophomore students, in which students are grouped into class communities for their first two years, as well as the Distinction Program for upperclassmen, mirrored the Pre-IB and International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programs' well-established template for successful support and natural community for students.

    The primary mission of the MSA is to provide opportunities and visibility in the area of STEM education for the students of the Scottsdale Unified School District.  Thus, while the program is designed to support students who choose to enter the MSA, the program's open forum provides many of the same academic opportunities to any Saguaro student who wishes to take advantage of the academic and enrichment opportunities inherent in the initiative - conceptually, an 'open village', in which all Saguaro students stand to benefit from the MSA's successes. This inclusivity is one of the hallmarks of the program and is one of its greatest strengths.  Students within the program retain a sense of connectivity and responsibility for their peers outside the program; and all students, whether in or out of the program, are invited to participate in MSA community enrichment events.

    The Scottsdale Math and Science Academy Mission Statement and Program Goals

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