Move on When Reading (MOWR)

  • In October 2020, Scottsdale Unified School District students in grades K-3 received their annual written notice of Arizona’s Move on When Reading (MOWR) law.  This notice informs parents of the yearly screening for reading difficulties and, as of this year, characteristics consistent with dyslexia.  SUSD utilizes an adopted universal screening process approved by the Arizona Department of Education to measure student difficulties known as FastBridge.  The annual notice details the action steps of the school to address students core instructional needs as well as targeted interventions.  A copy of that letter is available below in both English and Spanish.  Should your child show areas of concern, a second notice will be sent detailing the actions of the school to meet your students specific learning gaps.  Please speak with your child’s teacher or site administration if you have specific concerns. 

    Move on When Reading (MOWR) Letter K-3 in English 

    Move on When Reading (MOWR) Letter K-3 in Spanish