Public Records Requests

  • When a records request is received by the legal department it is promptly processed in the order they are received. The amount of time to completely process your request depends upon the number of requests pending, the location of the records, the volume of material encompassed in the request, the nature of the material being requested and the amount of redaction, if any, that is necessary.

    Please be aware, depending on the subject, content, issue, or volume of the search involved, the time to complete your request may be significantly longer. Identifying the specific record(s) being requested will help expedite your request.

    Effective July 1, 2022, any public request made will be published on the District's website, including the name of the requesting party, the request made and the status regarding fulfilling the request unless SUSD has a duty to redact information included in the request itself (requests with information that must be redacted cannot be published through GovQA).

    Due to strict compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act law (FERPA), please be advised that Scottsdale Unified School District does not grant requests for student directory information for commercial purposes. We have designated student directory information to include:

    • Names of students and their parents
    • Student’s participation in officially recognized activities and sports
    • Student’s and/or parent’s addresses 
    • Student’s and/or parent’s phone numbers
    • Weight/height of athletic team members
    • Student’s achievements, honors, awards
    • Student's grade level

    Any public records request for student directory information will be denied. Please be advised that while some exceptions apply, such as FERPA described above, email communications sent and/or received by the district may be subject to disclosure under public records law. Note to Parents: If you request to review video footage, please contact the District contact for Public records (listed below).

    District Contact for Public Records:

    Nicholas Buzan



How to Submit a Public Records Request

  •  If you are seeking information about the following topics:

    • Personnel-related information
    • Budget or finance-related information
    • Tax credit-related information
    • Contracts or other legal issues
    • Statistics
    • Enrollment
    • Graduation rates
    • Student directories (military opt-out info, etc.)
    • Other statistical data

    Use our Public Records Center to submit a public records request electronically and browse frequently asked questions. As of May 28, 2020 all new requests will be processed through the GovQA portal regardless of how the request was received.


    In order to mitigate the receipt of email messages that contain SPAM, malware, phishing and other email-borne threats Scottsdale Unified School District uses a SPAM filtering system.  Occasionally, the system blocks email messages erroneously.  If you find that your email address has been blocked, please contact our IT Help Desk at 480.484.HELP.  We will work with you to remove the restrictions.

2022-2023 Public Records Statistics

    • Number of requests received: 186
    • Number of requests closed: 152
    • Number of requests remaining open: 34
    • Average number of days open: 31.5
    • 52% (96/186) responded to and closed in 15 business days
    • 67% (124/186) responded to and closed by the 45 business days
    • 73% (136/186) responded to and closed by 90 business days
    • Average response time 30 days. 111/186 responded to and closed by 30 business days